You’ve probably heard of some of the major online survey providers like Google Consumer Surveys, Survata, SurveyMonkey Audience, and Qualtrics.

There are some major differences between Centiment and these players that we’ll get to in a minute. But first, let’s understand the two primary methods for collecting research on the web: survey walls and traditional online surveys.

Each of the companies listed above falls under one of these two methods and each method has a unique approach to engaging respondents. Given that your respondents are by far the most important factor in your market research efforts, it’s important that you understand the survey experience from their perspective.

Google Consumer Surveys and Survata collect responses through surveys walls that appear when people on the web are reading a piece of premium content, such as a news article. To continue reading the content, a 1-2 survey question must be answered.


  • Reach – Survey walls can quickly access millions of respondents.
  • Cost – Google and Survata have affordable packages available making it convenient to sanity check lightweight decisions.


  • Respondent Engagement – A respondent’s intent is to read their premium content, not answer surveys that unexpectedly present themselves. Many respondents will ‘swat away’ a survey by blindly selecting responses, resulting in poor survey data.
  • Inferred Profile Information – Because survey walls have a respondent’s attention for such a short period of time, they cannot ask any profile questions. Instead, profile information is inferred. This is where a user’s age, gender, etc. are estimated based on the websites they visit. 

SurveyMonkey Audience and 
Qualtrics both collect responses from dedicated panels of respondents.


  • Intent of the Panelist – Engaging respondents that have opted into taking surveys enables market researchers to access people that are willing to complete longer form surveys than those provided by survey walls.
  • More Profile Information – Panelists complete a demographics questionnaire before they enter any survey. As a result, this information does not need to be inferred based on website visitor history.


  • High Disqualification Rates – Targeting on unreliable profile information results in respondents being kicked out of surveys they’ve already started.
  • False Reporting – Respondents misstate their profile information to decrease their odds of being disqualified
  • Poor Rewards – Respondents are not adequately compensated for their time.


We source our own respondents
Much like traditional online survey providers, Centiment solicits responses from a dedicated panel of respondents. The difference is that, unlike many providers, we recruit and manage a panel of our own respondents and provide an incentivization model that benefits a nonprofit they have a real life relationship with. If we are targeting a very specific audience, we may partner with another provider to extend our reach and blend our panels together. The key is in curation and knowing which sources are most appropriate to work with to find a particular audience.

We pamper them
Good data stems from great experiences. To provide the best respondent experience, we built our own platform from the ground up to enable end-to-end control from survey creation to response collection. To keep our respondents happy, we provide them with:

  • Strong profile management to reduce disqualification
  • Truly mobile compatible templates
  • Fair payouts

We support great causes
Centiment enables nonprofits across the country to host fundraisers on our platform. The respondents themselves include parents, friends, and family of elementary school children. We also support animal shelters, Churches, and many more types of organizations. Each survey completed generates a donation to the nonprofit a respondent opted to support. This incentivisation model enables us to access difficult to reach, affluent respondents. The end results is a sample set that is more representative of the general population.

We offer competitive pricing
Owning our panel helps us with our costs, enabling us to send larger donations directly to our nonprofit partners. This control also allows us to keep our survey pricing very competitive.

If you feel you’ve got a good handle on this whole market research thing, great. We welcome you to return to Centiment to get started on your first survey. If you want help building your survey, please contact us regarding our survey programming and hosting services.