Fundraising FAQs

Fundraising FAQs

What is Centiment?

Centiment is an online fundraising platform. We marry together market researchers with high-quality respondents looking to answer questions to support a school or other non-profit. Every survey completed by a participant generates a cash donation from their non-profit.

How much can my nonprofit earn on Centiment?

There is no limit on how much your nonprofit can raise. A typical survey pays out $0.30 – $4.00 per complete. With just 40 participants, a fundraiser can raise several thousand dollars throughout the course of the year.

When does Centiment issue payments?

Centiment issues checks once a year. The donation year runs from August 1st through July 31st. Schools are also welcome to request a check for proceeds raised to date at any time, subject to the schools having raised at least $25.

Is there a minimum to cash out?

Schools must earn at least $25 to have a check issued. Schools with less than $25 will have their balances carried over into the next donation year.

What if I can't find my school or nonprofit?

We have tens of thousands of schools in our database. Ensure you complete a very broad search for your school by typing its name and city, and try different name variations if needed. For example, if your school’s name is Saint Dominic Elementary in Cottleville, Missouri, try searching for:

  • Saint Dominic Cottleville
  • St Dominic Cottleville
  • St. Dominic Cottleville

If you still do not see your school or non-profit, register it will us. Once we complete a review of your non-profit, we’ll add it to our database and email you a link to your campaign.

Does my nonprofit need a designated coordinator?

Your school / nonprofit does not need a designator coordinator, however, schools that promote participation tend to do best. Reference our resources page to find flyers and other promotional materials. We also encourage schools to post a link to their fundraiser on their website, Facebook account, and on Twitter. To find your school’s link, simply return the home screen, select “sign up”, select your school, and then copy the URL which includes your school’s name and associated zip code.

How do I track my nonprofit's progress?

Once logged into your campaign, you can find the total dollars raised on the Rankings page.

Can I change the nonprofit I am supporting?

You can change the nonprofit you support at any time. From the menu, select “Profile” > “Switch Fundraisers”.

What about privacy?

Privacy is taken very seriously at Centiment; we report all information to market researchers on an anonymous basis. Your name, email, and other personally identifiable information will never be sold or be shared.

For additional information, please reference our privacy policy.