How Fundraising Works

How Fundraising Works

Start Raising Money in Minutes

Fundraising for your nonprofit is easy. In just a few steps, you can start generating funds for your school, charity, or nonprofit of choice.

1. Sign Into Your Nonprofit

Sign up and select your K-12 school. If you are unable to find your school, contact us to have it registered. We host fundraisers for all kinds of nonprofits including elementary schools, churches, animal shelters. To help promote your fundraiser, please reference our flyer and overview presentation available on our resources page.

Choose nonprofit fundraiser through Centiment app

2. Answer Surveys

We source surveys from our own customers and send notifications to your phone when they arrive. Additional surveys are provided by our partner network. The questions originate from all kinds of businesses from mom and pop coffee shops to Fortune 500 companies. These researchers are looking to get your valuable feedback on everything from product design to finding a catchy slogan.

Consumer survey used to generate funds for your nonprofit

3. Generate Donations

Each survey generally pays $0.30 – $4.00 each. Invite friends and family to your campaign to maximize your fundraising potential. A nonprofit with just 40 participants can raise several thousand dollars throughout the year. We issue checks once a year, however, we are happy to cut your nonprofit a check at any time upon request.

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Invite Supporters

Help grow your campaign. Text, email, or post a message on Facebook with a link to your fundraiser.


The rankings page lists all supporters and their points earned to date. Hold competitions to see who can make it to the top of the leader board.

Track Progress

Your profile will breakdown your individual dollars raised and associated points from inviting supporters and completing surveys.


We display the length of each survey in minutes so that you can choose one that best matches your availability.

Desktop & Mobile

Answer surveys from your computer or download our app and get push notifications when Centiment surveys become available.

$40 Referrals

Refer a survey customer to us and we’ll pay both you and your nonprofit $20 each. Share your referral code through text, email or by posting a message on Facebook.

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