Create a Survey

Create a Survey
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Build in Typeform for free. Collect responses on Centiment.
Build in Typeform for free. Collect responses on Centiment.

Getting started in Typeform

Create a Typeform account

After registering with Typeform, select + New typeform and then Start from scratch

Set completion thank you page

Place a thank you page at the bottom of your survey and label it completed. This will redirect respondents back to Centiment after completing a survey. When setting up up a thank you page, select Try Pro Free when prompted. This will unlock premium Tyepform features but prevent you from collecting responses. This limitation will be lifted after your survey is submitted to Centiment.

Set screen-out thank you page (optional)

Below your completes thank you page, add a second thank you page and label it Sorry you were screened out. Utilize logic jump in your question to send unqualified respondents to this screen-out thank you page. This includes any attention check questions. You will not be charged for these respondents.

Require a response

Don’t let respondents skip over a question. Select Required for each question you want answered. More info required responses can be found here.

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