Survey FAQs

Survey FAQs

What is Centiment?

Centiment enables market researchers and everyday businesses to create a survey and get answers from a better online panel of respondents. The company does this by enabling schools and other non-profits to run fundraisers through its apps. Each survey completed by a parent generates a donation to their child’s school.

How much does it cost?

Survey pricing is based on sample size, survey length, and targeting. To see sample pricing, reference our quote page.

How long does it take to collect responses for a typical survey?

Surveys are generally completed in less than one week.

Where are the respondents located?

All of our respondents are located in the United States.

Is the profile information accurate?

Not only do our Centiment Forms provide more profile information on our respondents by default, but we also have the most reliable profile information in the industry. Unlike many competing survey providers that infer their profile information, Centiment explicitly asks a respondent their profile information the first time they sign onto our platform.

How does the quality of your data compare to other online survey providers?

In comparing Centiment to traditional online survey providers, we focus more on the respondent experience as this determines the quality of the information collected. We only allow for select survey software templates to be used on our platform to ensure a pleasant respondent experience. We also collect detailed profile information on each of our respondents that we use to pre-qualify them for surveys.

We place a big emphasis on security. We use a technology called fingerprinting that combines IP address, device type, and screen size, and cookies to ensure only unique panelists enter your survey. We maintain a fraud score on each respondent based on historical completions (completion time as a percentage of stated LOI + any flagged poor completes) and ban those that breach a certain level. We also use invisible ReCaptcha to defend against bots.

In comparing Centiment to survey wall providers, including Google Consumer Surveys and Survata, Centiment has a more engaged audience. Survey wall providers work by interrupting a website visitor as they attempt to access some form of premium content, such as a news article. To proceed, they have to answer 1-2 survey questions. The respondent often clicks through without fully reading the question as they are more interested in moving onto their desired content than responding to a survey. We refer to these as ‘swat way responses’. By contrast, Centiment’s respondents actively seek out our platform with a mindset geared towards completing our surveys to benefit a nonprofit they have a personal relationship with, leading to more thoughtful responses.

How should I cite research collected by Centiment?

Written by {Company Name or Your Name} and conducted using Centiment Research, {Month Year}

For example: Written by John Doe and conducted using Centiment Research, January 2017.