Our Approach

Our Approach

We Provide a Better Respondent Experience

Most people, and survey respondents, are well intentioned. They’ve decided their opinion is valuable, so they enlist in one of many online panels.

Quickly they find their experience to be a challenging one. Upon entering a survey, a respondent is often disqualified due to poor profile management and inadequate targeting capabilities. They also find the forms are often not mobile compatible. In the event they manage to finish a survey, they tend to be underwhelmed by the reward they are presented.

In an effort to make their time worthwhile, respondents often falsely report information within a survey to avoid being disqualified, and speed through questions to better align their time invested with their compensation.

The end result is a market researcher that makes important decisions based on inaccurate data.

Good Data Comes from Great Experiences

We recruit the best respondents and cater to their needs

Recruit the best respondents

Ask yourself, what is the most important factor in an online survey? We think it’s pretty simple, the people answering your questions.

Our panelists are engaged, everyday consumers. Many of which answer surveys to fundraise for a school or other non-profit in which they have a vested interest. This is an audience that is inaccessible to other online survey providers.

Treat them like the important partners they are

Our value is based on the quality of the respondents we’ve worked so hard to recruit. To keep them around, we try our best to pamper them.

We provide fair payouts and maintain accurate profile information to ensure we can target respondents effectively. Introduce a negative experience, and the respondent’s attention begins to fade along with the quality of the information collected.

Collect meaningful information

By establishing a relationship of mutual trust, we are able to extract thoughtful responses from our respondents.

The information we collect is vital to our customers. They are often investing millions of dollars based on the information we provide. Reference our example uses to see how we can help your business gather meaningful insights.

We Support Great Causes

Every survey purchased funds a nonprofit in need. We partner with a wide variety of organizations from elementary schools to churches to animal rescue centers. We feel fortunate to be in a position to enable businesses and volunteers to work together to support some really great causes in the world!

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