Our Customers

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Centiment helped me reach rideshare users to better understand not only when they need our service, but what they most value about their rideshare experience. The Lyft team was thrilled with our results!

Delah Staten
Sr. Operations Associate

Very easy to work with! They helped me formulate my screening question for a niche audience and quickly tested it to ensure the most competitive pricing. I look forward to working with them on future studies.

Wendy Lu
Product Marketing Manager

We gathered feedback from individuals with knee osteoarthritis to better understand their outlook on their health. The results are extremely valuable in informing our future research and interventions.

Melissa Boswell
Bioengineering at Stanford University

We care a great deal about what the American public value and want from their museums. Centiment helped us discover what people are most curious about, enabling us to improve our exhibits and online offerings.

Claire Eckert
Social Science Analyst

Babbel ran a study with Centiment to determine our awareness levels in the language learning market relative to our competitors. The data came in fast and helped us quickly rationalize our ad spend.

Steven Meyers
Senior Vice President, Growth

We turned to Centiment to quickly spin up a survey gathering feedback from several hundred web developers. We use them quite frequently when we need data to validate our product development initiatives.

Bryant Chou
Co-Founder, Head of Growth